The Process

Please review this process before submitting an application for fiscal sponsorship.

What is the process for applying to 4Community Solutions’ fiscal sponsorship program?

Applications for project sponsorship are accepted by the 15th of the following months:  December, March, June, and September.   Proposals are rigorously reviewed by 4Community Solutions staff, board members and community advisors. Project directors will be invited to the board meeting the following month to present their project and answer questions. After project review and presentation, the full board of 4Community Solutions will vote on the project. Proposals are considered based on their project application; a strong proposal should offer a clear need, defined goals and objectives, and a viable vision for community impact..  Provided the application is complete, a decision should be made within six weeks of the deadline for submission.  If your proposal is turned down, you will receive a phone call that will explain the reasons why it was not accepted.  If you resubmit the proposal, please address those reasons in your revised project proposal.  There is no guarantee that proposals will be accepted if resubmitted.

If, after discussion with 4Community Solutions (4CS) staff, you wish to apply for fiscal sponsorship for your unincorporated community-benefit project, please submit the following materials by mail, fax, or email as indicated on the Fiscal Sponsorship Application according to our submission deadlines.

  1. A completed Fiscal Sponsorship Application
  2. A letter requesting fiscal sponsorship for your project. It should include:
  •  A brief outline of the proposed project (no more than four pages) that describes its nonprofit purpose, history, scope, target beneficiaries, and vision of success.
  • A draft of the first year budget ($10,000 minimum), including a line-item expense for “fiscal sponsorship fee” or documentation substantiating $1,080 of funds currently on hand and available to cover fiscal sponsorship for two years.
  •  A list of Advisory Committee members (a minimum of three) with their complete contact information and brief biographies; please indicate who will serve as the principal contact.